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ArtWork by Kathy Bloem Tuttle FWS,WSI


I am a narrative painter, often choosing subjects relating to historic events or human relationships.  Almost all of my paintings focus on people and / or animals.

After a left-brained career I decided to give my right brain a try.  My first fifteen years after retirement were involved with Watercolor and earned me signature memberships with WSI and FWS.  In 2005 I switched to acrylics and joined an advanced group taught by Rose Ann Samuelson at the Daytona Art League with whom I continue to study.

My paintings are generally done in series, some of which are listed below.  Hope you enjoy.


Most Recent Additions                     Page

         Euthanasia: A Difficult Gift                 Special Moments

         Art Connection                                   Specia Moments

         Agility                                                 Special Moments

         Lure of the Sea                                  Special Moments

         Alice in Wonderland 3 Version 2       Alice in Wonderland

         When Patriotism Reigned                 1940’s

         Portending War                                 1940’s

         Saxy Ladies                                       American Stories

         Our Spirits Will Surround You            Creation Stories

         I Remember Abigail                           Special Moments

         Susan                                                Viewpoints

         Kali Age 13                                        Kali

         Kali’s Pose                                         Kali

         Leather and Lace                               Viewpoints

         Freedom of Expression                      Special Moments

         Almost Thirteen                                  Kali

         On Higher Ground                              Viewpoints

         Red Accessories                                Viewpoints

         Mystery Hides in Darks and Lights     Viewpoints

         An Evening With Roberto & Donna    Special Moments

         TeaTime                                             Viewpoints

         Viewing Her Portrait                           Stamped

         Warm - Up                                          Stamped

         The Shoelace                                     Stamped

         Kali Age 14                                         Kali

         Trapped in Tradition                           Stamped

         Double Take                                       Kali

         Kali’s Thirteenth Summer                   Kali

         What Now?                                         Kali

         Collection of 8”x10” Kali Faces           Kali Thru The Years

         Hat Fancier                                         Kali

         A Dancer’s Profile                               Kali

         Fond Memories of Dance                   Kali

         Sisters V2                                           Kali

         The Road to Recovery                       American Stories

         Family Resemblance                         Family

         Liza                                                    Collage 

         The Joy of Shopping                         Collage

         The Three Way Kiss                          Collage

         Chorus Line                                       Collage 

         Hot Beach Day                                  Collage