Tarot & Symbolism


“Justice: Serial Killers”

24”x20” Canvas Board          Acrylic         

Narrative:   A serial killer’s pact with evil ultimately ends in his own demise.


Deal of the cards - casting of the dye (or fate) of the killer

Scales of justice - demand of punishment to negate evil

Ram - satan

Scepter - evil

Skeleton - death

Crosses - duality (where does evil end and goodness begin?)-)  death

Crosses - duality - where is the line that separates good and evil

“Blind Sighted”

24”x20” Canvas Board          Acrylic         

Narrative:   A  conflicted woman deals with a difficult problem the best she can.


Tower - disaster; act of god

Rose Colored Glasses - favoritism;  devotion;  loss of reality

Devil’s Head - two aspects of a problem

Moon - burying of personal needs;  hidden problems

Wolves - tension; conflict of choice

Thunderbolt & bell - wisdom; enlightenment

Iris - combines earthly & etherial qualities of both empress (in glasses) and high priestess (on lap)

Crayfish - connects conscious & unconscious


20”x24” Canvas Board          Acrylic         

Narrative:   A beautiful psychotic woman uses deception to control her world


Devil’s walking stick - egotism; greed; passion; materialiism

9 Cups - sensuality; self indulgence; control

5 Swords ( upper right) - win at all costs; selfishness

7 Swords (on rider’s belt) - worldly power; deception; danger

6 Wands (lady’s crown) - arrogance; need for attention; victory; accomplishment


24”x20” Canvas Board          Acrylic         

Narrative:   A  young woman communes with nature.


3 Lgged Crow - messenger of the sun

Crow - prophecy

Hand Cupped at Ear - listening


24”x20” Canvas Board          Acrylic         

Narrative:   Our destiny is influenced by many unknowns


Dice - uncertainty; luck

Sun - creativity; joy; sharing; positive energy

Eagle - strength; oneness with God

High Priestess - feminine power; silent potential

Magician - initiative; persuation; awareness

3 Penticle - skill; planning; teamwork

Mirror - pathway to self

Stars - Inspiration; ideal love; truth revealed

)  death

“American Hero”

24”x20” Canvas Board          MultiMedia         

Narrative:   A WWII  bronze star recipient

models his life to the high ideals of his time.


Star (Bronze Medal) - harmony;  healing;  hope; 

      energy;  bond with ancestors

Black Stallion - virility;  procreation

White Stallion - loyalty;  purity;  link to the gods

Sheaf of Wheat - life; resurrection; fertility;  harvest

     (words represent ideals he passes on to his children)

Lovers - essence of life, family and values