Creation Stories


“Rangi & Papa - New Zealand”

20”x24” Canvas Board          Acrylic & Composition Leaf         

Narrative: In the beginning Rangi (heaven) and Papa (earth) existed in total togetherness and darkness.  Their offspring longed to discover light and conspired  to cruelly wrench their parents apart.  Rangi was flung into the heavens and the distraught Papa left alone as earth.   Ultimately only two of the offspring survived on earth - father of fierce human beings and father of winds and storms (the only son to refuse to partake in the brutality towards Rangi & Papa),  To this day the latter continues to attack human beings on both land and sea in pursuit of revenge.

“Kanati & Selu - Cherokee”

20”x24” Canvas Board          Acrylic & Composition Leaf         

Narrative:   Known as “Lucky Hunter” and “Corn Mother”, this duo were blessed with gifts from the Gods - Kanati with a magic cave forever stocked with game animals and Selu with a magic bowl that always contained corn.  When their spying children  undid their magic, Kanati and Selu were doomed to be mortals.


Water-beetle - sent by gods to explore what existed beyond water and darkness

Buzzard - explored the muddy earth and created valleys with his tired wings

Owl - one of few animals who withstood the gods test of “stay awake for 7 days” and was                       

          rewarded with night vision

Open Mouth - represents Kanati's magic cave

Two Boys -Spied on their parents, thus unintentionally destroying their magic and throwing the world into conflict

“Our Spirits Will Surround You”

25”x31”  Linen Canvas                                                 Acrylic


Narrative: Death affects only the physical being and not the soul. The spirits of departed loved ones live on in every aspect of nature, surrounding their beloved living with nurture and their enemies with distress.   Love is the glue that binds the two worlds and those who do not love are doomed to be alone below the earth’s surface.  The vision and power of the living is limited to the secular world while  that of the departed is boundless.