This series is a follow-on to the “Stamped” and “Wallpaper” collections. Stencils and stamps (both hand made and purchased)  were used to decorate tissue & deli paper which was then  collaged to  create (or transform) acrylic paintings into more contemporary works. 

Originally a painting of a man at a typewriter, this image was almost completely transformed -  only the face and one hand remain unchanged.  The clothing and camel were all collaged from stamped deli paper, while the swirling sand is represented with scrapbook paper.  The colored areas are painted with acrylic.

Sand Storm”                                                                                     Collage

20” x 24”  All Media Board

Atypical of my usual approach, this lady is drawn from imagination and intended to be pure design.  The gold deli paper helps unify the image.

African Lady with  Birds”                                                    MultiMedia

20” x 24”  All Media Board

The original painting was of a beautiful model wearing black vampire attire.  Only the head and cut of the clothing remain unchanged. Several enhancement techniques were used, including image transfer, stamped tissue, gel plate, watercolor stained tissue and direct acrylic painting.

Evil Lady”                                                                                          Collage

24” x 20”  All Media Board

This painting combines two views of a beautiful St Augustine model and again explores various multimedia techniques.  Collage papers include both purchased patterned tissue and wallpaper.  In some areas molding paste was used to create three dimensional effects which were painted with acrylic.

St Augustine Model - 2 Views”                        Acrylics and Collage

24” x 20”  All Media Board   

Liza Minnelli was the inspiration for this piece, done about eight years ago.  I was not happy with the tight nightclub background of the original painting and decided to replace it using collage.

Liza”                                                                                                   Collage

24” x 20”  All Media Board

Inspired by the movie “Chorus Line” this painting was begun about eight years ago and left unfinished.  I recently collaged everything except the flesh and hair - using deli paper decorated with gelli techniques, cocktail napkins and various acrylic mediums.  I have included an image (on the turquoise shirt) from one of my earlier paintings rather than using a signature.

Chorus Line”                                                                                      Collage

24” x 20”  All Media Board

As a toddler  my younger sister, Carolyn, began to request that my parents share three way kisses with her.  That memory for me is a symbol of the happy times our family shared.

The Three Way Kiss”                                                                     Collage

20” x 24”  All Media Board

One of the several passions my sister and I share is the joy of shopping.  On this particular occasion she faced the formidable task of selection when everything is equally gorgeous.

The Joy of Shopping”                                                                  Collage

20” x 24”  All Media Board

Deli paper decorated using Gelli print techniques provides an endless variety of pattern for collage.  It is every bit as challenging as direct painting.

Hot Beach Day”                                                                   MultiMedia

20” x 24”  Cotton Canvas

This set of four collages was made as a present for my niece, Kali, on her seventeenth birthday.  All paper used is handmade deli designs.

Kali Turns Seventeen”                                           Collage and Accrylic

10” x 20”  Cotton Canvas

I collaged a cradle board  using old oriental prints as a base for this painting.  The face is drawn using transparent acrylic paint so that it appears to be emerging from the collage underneath.  The narrative is historical and inspired by the recent inductions of my neighbor and myself into the D.A.R.  (Daughters of the American Revolution) and our common interests in genealogy and history.

We Are Our History”                                               Collage and Acrylic

12” x 12”  Cradle Board

All papers used in this collage are handmade deli designs. Kali’s face is painted in acrylic.

Kali Emerging”                                                 Collage and Accrylic

12” x 12”  Cradle Box